Friday, March 26, 2010

Samsung Highlight Reset Settings

How-to reset all of the settings on a Samsung Highlight.*

1. On the main screen push the Phone button in the bottom left hand corner.

2. Now you see your keypad. Type in the following "pass phrase": *#6984125*#

3. Now you should see a screen you likely haven't seen before. On this menu choose Pre-configuration.

4. Now you'll be prompted with a box that says Confirm, and Cancel below it. Click the empty box, and it will give you a screen to type. Here you should type the following "code": *#73561*#

5.  Choose Done.

6. Choose Confirm.

7. Your phone will restart itself and the settings will be replaced with the Factory Defaults.

* I am not responsible for the actions you preform. A forum for resetting a Samsung Highlight without a password, became ever so useful when I wanted to reset the settings on a Samsung Highlight. Most of the information posted here was acquired from that post, but some was from first hand experience.


  1. Thank you so much i couldn't even get this help from t mobile's website...they should pay you for this...lmao

    I can finally take advantage of all my phone features.